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How can we feel prepared for retirement?

With 66 per cent of Australians feeling unprepared for retirement, establishing clear, measurable and robust objectives for super is a must.
Only 15 per cent of Australians believe they are very well or fairly well prepared for retirement.

Those who use finance professionals are over three times more likely to feel very well or fairly well prepared for retirement.

MLC commissioned IPSOS to prepare a three-part whitepaper which, lifts the lid on how Australians are living their financial and social lives, creating financial security and preparing for retirement.

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Seniors’ finances at stake amid ageing population

ASIC Warning:  Seniors’ finances at stake amid ageing population

The Equity Release Industry Council (ERIC) was recently established to protect Senior Australians who are seeking to release their Property Wealth in order to live well in retirement.

ERIC welcomes the timely warning issued by ASIC today and is committed to the development of an efficient and ethical Equity Release market in Australia.

ERIC exists to assist Senior Australians to better understand Equity Release products, including Reverse Mortgages and ensure the professional conduct of those that offer thes products.

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